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Bike Rentals Available

Bike Rentals Available Here

Our bike rental service has everything you need to explore this beautiful area. We'll make sure you have the bike, equipment, and knowledge to make your rental experience the best possible.

Road Bike

Mountain Bike

Hybrid Bike

24 HourMulti Day
E-Bike (Mountain or hybrid)$80$350/week

We encourage calling in advance to reserve rentals, especially E-Bike rentals so we can ensure that batteries are fully charged.

We make sure you'll have everything you need to make your ride great. Feel free to bring your own helmet, shoes, pedals, and even your own saddle, if desired. Once you're here, we'll dial in each bike for the rider.

Need advice on where to ride? Our expert staff will gladly point you in the right direction. Here are some of our favorite rides:

Salt Creek
Palos Forest Preserve
Prairie Path Trail
I & M/Centennial Trail

Please Bring:


Credit Card

We take great strides to making rental as painless as possible. Please remember your ID and Credit Card. Once you're here, you'll need to fill out a quick waiver.

Rental questions? Ask us!